Zadarma integration - need to have call history under a Deal and the Contact.


Hi, We have launched Zadarma integration recently, but we have an issue with calls being recorder under the Contact. We work primarily with Deals, and it would be perfect to see the call history there, as Phone Call activities. Does anyone have a similar case? Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!


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    Hi @Hubert Zygula,

    This is expected as a contact can have multiple deals linked to it, meaning that Pipedrive will not know which deal to link the call activity to. Additionally, the phone number field is directly linked to a person contact instead of a deal so that is where the activity appears.

    I don't have the Zadarma integration myself, so I am not able to test this on my end but if you click on the call activity, does it give you the option to link a deal to that activity? If so, you may be able to link the deal manually to the call activity that way so it then appears on the deal!

    If that does not work, you may be able to create an automation via Zapier that will move a note from the person contact to the deal, unfortunately, it doesn't look like this is possible with Pipedrive automations. In theory, the automation would trigger when a new note is added to a contact and then it would add the same note to the deal.

    Another suggestion is to reach out directly to Zadarma Support, as they created this integration, and see if this is feedback that they will take into account for future improvements to the integration!

    I hope this helps!