Sorting deals in the pipeline view by last done activity

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Is there a way to sort deals in the pipeline view by last activity?

The default "next activity" doesn't help much in our case and the "Deal update time" is not suitable either. In fact, we're updating some deal's fields via API and this would change the deal update time.

Instead, I would like the sales reps in my team to be able to sort their deals according to the last done activity.

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @marco.racanelli 👋

    In terms of using the "sort by"option, we only have available what you see there - I'd suggest you pass feedback in the "ideas and product feedback" section and also add information on that particular option would benefit your team.

    If none of the "sort by" options work, I'd suggest checking if a filter would work and applying it in the List View. From there, you can sort a particular column by clicking it's title, like this:

    From a list view, you can sort out anything based on a particular column, maybe that option can work as a workaround!

    Hope this helps, don't forget to pass on your suggestion. Thanks!