Measurement button clicks + Stop/Cancel button for campaigns



I have 2 questions about the campaigns:

1. Why are 'button clicks' not measured? I only see link/url clicks. While I am sure (because of the results) that many people have clicked a button.

2. When we have pushed 'send' I would like to have a cancel/stop button. 





  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @Maaike Koets 👋

    About your first question, if you enable the link tracking option, then the system is also tracking when the button is clicked. If a link was added to the button, then the data you see also applies to that button. But I feel it would be good to have an option to maybe differentiate between general links and links from a particular button.

    I’d say this is good feedback and the same thing applies to your second question - there’s currently no option to cancel or stop a campaign once it was sent, so please make sure to pass both suggestions in the “ideas and product feedback” section so that other users can also upvote it and bring visibility to our Product Developers :D