A Missed Mark: Urgent Need for Label Functionality in Pipedrive Mobile App

Warwick Palm
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I'm writing to shed light on a surprising oversight in the Pipedrive mobile app: the complete absence of deal label functionality. This feature, fundamental in the web app, is mysteriously missing in our pockets. Labels are not just decorative; they're essential for organising and navigating deals efficiently.

Imagine this: you open a deal on the mobile app, and it's as if labels don't exist. You can't see them, let alone change them. This isn't a minor inconvenience; it's a significant gap in the app's utility. Person and Org labels are present, heck even lead labels are! So why the glaring gap when it comes to deals?

Developing for multiple platforms is complex, but consistency in key features is critical. The lack of labels on mobile undermines the app's usefulness, forcing users back to their desktops for full functionality.

I urge the team to prioritise adding label functionality to the mobile app. It's not just about adding a feature; it's about respecting and enhancing our daily workflow. Let's align the mobile app with its web counterpart, ensuring it's a robust, fully-functional part of the Pipedrive ecosystem.

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  • Paul Minors
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    100% agree. How has this been overlooked for so long?

  • KhalafLaw
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    +1 Completely agree, please prioritize this ASAP. We rely heavily on the mobile app, and this hurts our ability to use the product fully. It's implemented on Android - why not iOS?