Automation with the Invoice program Tiime following Quickbooks closure in France



As a french tech company we love automation and it is a large part of the reason why we love Pipedrive. However, since Quickbooks stopped its services in France, we are looking for alternatives and have been working with the invoicing service Tiime. Do you have any plans to offer a integration of the Tiime app within the invoicing services of Pipedrive ? Could I eventually link both apps ?

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    You are more likely better served creating your own automations using something like

    Reason being is you have much more control and a wider availability of apps to integrate.

    The invoicing automation previously offered here was very limited when it was available and even then I choose to use the api and create my own. Now that it's been discontinued I have not been affected.

  • David Gurr (

    There is a Tiime app being developed for Make ... I don't have any details on an expected availability date, but I think it's more likely to be weeks rather than months.

    If you're not specifically tied to Tiime, there is also a recently launched Pennylane app for Make.