Advice Needed! Aggregating information from Contacts with regards to their demands

Konstantinos P.
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Hello PD community,

I work for an international fashion wholesale company and benefit alot from the use of Pipedrive in many ways. One thing I am missing is aggregating the demands of different clients/leads and I explain:

Org A is looking for Brand ABC at a quantity of xxxx and a price of X/unit

Org B also looking for Brand ABC but at a quantity of yyyy and price of Y/unit

Lead A has also interest in Brand ABC at a quantity of yyyy and price of Y/Unit

By making a fields with "demanded brands" I can filter which Organisations or Leads are looking for Brand ABC but would there be a way to aggregate demanded quantities, pricepoints etc?

This would give a very clear direction and focus to our Buying team with a very clear target of what quantities to source and at what price points.

Is anyone else struggling with aggregating quantitative information? Maybe there is another tool I could use?

Many thanks


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Konstantinos P. have you tried setting up custom fields for every one of those attributes? Not only for demanded brands but also something like a field for price intervals. From there, you could use filters to tie everything together when looking for matches.

    If these are one-off requests by each organisation and not something recurrent, maybe those fields can go in the deal instead, and you have deals for whenever those organisations are looking for something specific. Maybe even have a Pipeline just for demands.