Solving Email-contact sync on a deleted duplicate contact

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Hi All,

Just joined Pipedrive after years running my CRM on Airtable.

I had lots of data to import, along with all my emails, and I realise that some of my emails are now synced to contacts that were duplicates, which I deleted.

I now have the issue that I any new emails from those people are syncing to the contact with the email, but to the OLD, deleted contact.

I have looked for info on how to restore deleted contacts but it doesn't seem to exist.

I have tried to contact support, but email and chat are not working.

I have tried to create a NEW contact, but that doesn't solve it.

Is there any advice on how to solve this?

Thank you!


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    HI All

    A note to say, I reached out to support, and they fixed this for me and made it all work.

    I was VERY impressed by the speed of their support and professionalism of the solution.

    I'm a very pleased customer based off of this interaction, and wanted to give a shout out to the product team for the fix