How do I import a list of email newsletter subscribers?

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I run my email newsletter in another software platform. I'd like to import every email address I have in my newsletter and set a field in Pipedrive as 'Newsletter Subscriber: Yes'.

My original data only has email addresses, we do not ask users for their names. So I need to be able to import a list of email addresses only, and match them with email addresses already in Pipedrive.

It seems this may be impossible because we do not have names to match against the CRM name fields. Is this true?

If it is true, is there some workaround so that I can import my list of email addresses and set the field appropriately?



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    Hi @TomSteinberg,

    I believe this can be done, although it may require a bit more work. Pipedrive has a merge duplicates feature that can pick up on duplicate contacts, you can see more information here, and you can also see what criteria the merge duplicates feature uses here!

    If you reach out to the Pipedrive support team, you can request for your merge duplicate conditions to be adjusted to "email only." Then the system will only scan for a matching email when looking for duplicates. By default, it will look at the contact name AND email, phone, or Organization. (You can request the conditions be adjusted back afterward if you would like)

    After you import your spreadsheet with these emails and the additional data you would like to add, you can use the duplicates feature to merge your contacts with the ones already in Pipedrive! (They should be identified based on only email but if they aren't let support know so we can make some adjustments) When importing you will still need a "name" field in your spreadsheet but you can just use the emails as a "name" for now as well!

    You can request via support that we help with this process and we may be able to escalate your case to our engineering team to manually merge the contacts that have duplicate emails! In this case, the oldest data entry will be saved to the merged item as well as any new data (such as 'Newsletter Subscriber: Yes')

    Alternatively, you can export your existing contacts from Pipedrive (Including the system ID, Name, and email) and then merge the 2 spreadsheets outside of Pipedrive. Once they are merged you can then import the data back into Pipedrive (Map the system ID to make sure no duplicates are created!)

    I hope this helps! If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to support for assistance!