Any Singapore-based users here? Concerning lack of support..?

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Hi I'm based in Singapore and am interested in exploring Pipedrive for my company. However there are a few concerns I have:

1) Singapore is not even listed as a location when registering one's phone number. ie, there is no country number prefix of Singapore listed at all.

2) Upon requesting a demo, the only response I got was "we checked we do not have a way to provide you a 1-1 demo call at the moment".

That's very concerning.. I understand there's an extensive knowledge base and user guides, but in terms of direct support I'm not feeling not it.

Any users can comment on your experience or help me find a way to get in touch with Support directly? Any users from countries not listed in the Country registration?


  • Reeve Lui
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    Hi Mark,

    I happen to be a Singaporean and my company is a Premier Partner of Pipedrive, I have voiced about 1) to them and they should be fixing it soon.

    For 2), I'm happy to provide you a 1-1 demo and provide you ongoing support.

    Happy to get in touch with you to better understand your business, sales and marketing processes so we can tweak Pipedrive to work for you.

  • Reeve Lui
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    Hey Mark,

    You can simply get in touch with me at [email protected] and we can connect from there.