Make Emails Private Per Person in Addition to Per Email Account

Vaughan H Moore
Vaughan H Moore Member Posts: 1

I email our finance person on a regular basis and don't want those emails to be shared. But I find it time consuming to mark every email I send to the person as Private after I sent it. And I often miss some of them.

Is there a way to mark all emails sent to a specific person as private?

Another example might be that I regularly email my wife from the email address that is connected to PipeDrive, both through PipeDrive and the Gmail app. So I don't have the opportunity to mark all my email to her as Private. In this case, if anyone in my company views my wife's Contact Record then my private email to my wife can be read by anyone in the company.

Both of these scenarios are very common in business so I recommend being able to mark Contacts in PipeDrive as "Private" for sending email so no one other than the person sending it can read it.

And I think that should be a default feature in the Basic package, not an upgraded feature in the more expensive packages.

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