Managing Deal Reporting in Pipedrive for Multiple Potential Funding Partners - Help Please

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Hi There,

We engage with multiple potential partners for funding simultaneously and set up separate deals in Pipedrive for each opportunity/partner we are talking to. For example, I have 1 funding opportunity that I am trying to sell to 3 different partners, but when 1 accepts, the others are cancelled. The value of the opportunity is say £3K, so I set up 3 deals for each of the 3 potential funding partners and put a value of £3k next to each of them. When generating reports, the CRM calculates the deal value 3 times (£9k) (the weighted scoring too), but the value is really £3K because I can only sell it once. This discrepancy in reporting makes it appear as though our revenue potential is three times higher than it actually is because I set up three deals to track conversations with each.

How can I maintain separate deals to track conversations while accurately reflecting the final deal value in my reporting? I'm not sure if you can add multiple accounts to the same deal, but from a conversation tracking point of view that's not particularly ideal too.

Any help would be great!



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    Sounds like a cool business you have there! The easiest thing might be to keep them all as value $0 until they progress to the final deal stage. Then add pricing once you know which deal or last 2 deals it will likely be.

    Would that help or does that not really do the trick?

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    Thanks for responding. It doesn't really help me with reporting to the senior team as I need to keep them updated on the values of the deals, and since what I have explained is quite common, I'd be showing $0 in my reports.

    Thanks again for trying to help - I think I may need to just accept this and apply funding to one of the opportunities whilst keeping the others $0.