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UPDATE: This beta test is now closed; thank you all for participating.

Hi, community! 👋

We’re working on bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to your Pipedrive experience. This will offer you and your teams greater efficiency and effectiveness in your sales process. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on:

🧠AI-powered Sales Assistant: By continuously analyzing your sales pipeline, this feature will help you predict the probability of winning deals. But it does more than that – it also recommends the following best action for your deals and helps you focus on deals with a higher win chance.

It also provides helpful analytics to allow you to see how your company is performing daily or monthly, keep track of your successful deals and their values, and understand your team’s strengths and areas for improvement.

⚙️ Email summarization using AI: This feature generates quick and insightful summaries of your long email thread conversations. This can help you save valuable time and reduce information overload. 

⚙️ Write my email with AI: Generates quick emails from a prompt provided by you. Once enabled for your company, the feature is accessible in your Sales Inbox email composer. Just click the Write My email button to try it out! 

The AI features above are available in closed beta (sign-up required) on the Professional plan and higher. 

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    This is great, but please don't get distracted with a bunch of flash AI nonsense that nobody is asking for and doesn't actually improve our efficiently just to impress some uneducated, greedy, investors. I know that's been the trend ever since Chat GPT came out. But a lot of tech companies are quickly losing sight of what makes a good product. There are so many other updates and features that need to be made priority for AI could even be considered useful to begin with. Beside, AI is not just some special sauce you can slather all over any product to make it better. I think I speak for most users when I say please stay focused on what matters first!

  • pergatto
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    È inutile scrivere e-mail con intelligenza artificiale se non avete intenzione di integrare un Double Opt In per i Webform nelle campagne e-mail marketing. Sta cavalcando l'onda sbagliata!

  • Cejih Yung
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    Just signed up, thank you!

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