Choosing "Save" on any field, clears all the unsaved data entered in all fields now

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If you type in a

phone number


email address

we used to hit save 3 times and 3 fields would be saved

now we have to hit save, then enter another field, then hit save, etc.

if you hit save with data in other fields it is wiped away

an annoying change in the recent code. it takes a lot longer to work now.


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @affirmed 👋

    I can't seem to be able to reproduce this but it might be that I'm doing something differently. If this is something that wasn't like that before, I think it's worth checking with the Support team.

    Usually, if something changes there might be a logic behind it and the team can check with the relevant department if there were any recent changes and why that was done + check if there's any way to revert this if needed.

    Please reach out to the Support team, and maybe also show them an example with a video or screenshots so they can try to reproduce this. Thanks!