Linking several organizations to 1 project

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Hi there!

My company is new on Pipedrive and we are struggling to achieve what we have in mind. I have been reading through the different discussions and it seems to me that this topic has not been tackled before; if it has, please send it! 😊

We want to use Pipedrive to keep track of the status of the projects we sell, as well as to build an organizations’ map. We want to see in which projects these organizations are involved (even if we are not), to keep track of the projects and to see what kind of relationships these organizations have with each other.

We are currently not 100% able of doing this because when we create a project we can link it only to one organization, let’s say to the one which owns it. However, there are many other organizations we need to link to the same project, because they provide materials or the installation. We found the possibility of adding new custom fields, but this is a weak solution because by this way only the organization which owns the project shows it on its profile. If we add the installer on the custom field, the installer's profile doesn’t show this specific project.

Any ideas/solutions?

Thank you <3


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    Hi there,

    I love your enthusiasm for the good topic.

    Currently, in the Project module of Pipedrive, the system allows the association of only one main organization. I understand that it may seem limiting when working on projects involving multiple organizations.

    One workaround for this limitation is to use a custom field to designate the other organization involved, commonly referred to as the "organization involved." However, I acknowledge that this might not fully address your needs.

    I believe the suggestion of enabling the ability to show other involved organizations as a related list of information in each organization is valuable. This could enhance the functionality and flexibility of the Project module.

    I hope this feedback will consider for user suggestions for future updates and improvements.

    If you have any more ideas or questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to assist!