Automation to auto-reply, add a follower to my deal and CC while away

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User story

  • As a Sales rep on holidays
  • I would like Pipedrive to auto-reply my contact's messages + add my Sales colleague as a follower in the deal + CC him to the email conversation
  • So my colleague can take over the conversation while keeping me in the loop and can temporarily access the deal and contact while I'm away

How can I achieve this in Pipedrive?

I'm not sure if the trigger is the deal, the contact or something else. And what to do after that for this scenario to happen.


  • Client XYZ replies to my last email with questions
  • Pipedrive (PD) gets the email and there is an update in the contact (or deal?)
  • PD adds the designated sales rep as a follower of the deal
  • PD sends an email such as "We will get in touch asap" and CC the sales rep colleague
  • When the sales rep colleague replies, the deal is updated and I'm kept CC'd in the conversation

Going further

  • After X days (when I'm back from hols) the follower is removed from the deal


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    Hi @DR!

    Unfortunately, this automation is not possible to set up in Pipedrive directly as we don't have email-based triggers yet. Additionally, with our automations, it is not possible to add a follower in the automation. However, I do think that would be great feedback, I can pass that along internally for you!

    You could set up an automation that is triggered when there is an action to an item (like an updated deal field for example) and then have the automation change the owner of the deal/contact and then send an email but it doesn't seem like what you are looking for exactly.

    It may be possible to set up something like this in Zapier, I would recommend reaching out to the support to see how this may be accomplished!