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Our sales team uses Pipedrive and has found it useful so when they suggested for our implementation team to use it, we have started testing out the projects page and also trying to create reports/insights for our team.

I have contacted support about this and they have suggested that I submit feedback here about this topic.

For our team, it is essential that we are able to report on project details. I added a custom field for ARR (annual recurring revenue) as when a deal goes through, our team will break them out into what we call packages and it will often not be the total deal amount, but a fraction. It is important for us to run reports based on how much was completed, or how much ARR is at a current step.

It is also important for us to run reports on how many projects are past their expected end date, and by how many days they are past the expected end date.

Please consider adding insights for projects sooner rather than later.

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    Completely agree. Ridiculous this wasn't possible as soon as the Projects update was released.

    The lack of ability to report on projects means the whole feature is half-baked.