Clean up campaigns using labels/folders?

Hi Pipedrivers, 👋

We´ve just recently started using Campaigns by Pipedrive and everything is great now, however I feel that by the end of the month, we will be drowning in templates (we want to keep all of them for motivation in the future).

I feel like it might really help if we could label our campaigns or put them in folders! How about you?



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  • TZ1
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    I agree for both Campaign Templates and Email Templates. I have several customer segments that are requiring different automation journeys and each journey could have 5-10 email templates for onboarding sequences. As I continue setting up my templates, I have no way to organize them and put them into folders. 100% agree with this suggestion. And the same should be considered for email templates in the manage email templates modal for sending regular emails.

  • K-Berg Realty
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    Yes I completely agree … Folders to organize campaign template's would be great I create news letters, flyers, etc. and this would be helpful for me as well. The template space gets pretty busy and messy real quick with out some sort of system (folders) to organize and label campaigns