Aircall marked as spam. App suggestions for call recording?


I'm currently using Aircall for my call recording / tracking app. Unfortunately, our number is now being marked as 'likely spam' by most carriers. A few notes:

  • We do not have high call volumes (only about 1000/month)
  • Even new aircall numbers are marked as spam
  • The aircall number is not associated with our business. I don't have any interest in doing this as it is a purely outbound sales number.

My questions:

Does anyone have an app recommendation that will allow a rep to call using their work assigned cell phone, which then pushes the recording to pipedrive?

Any other suggestions on getting around the aircall spam designation?

Thanks in advance.


  • JustCall (affiliate link) would be my recommendation. Need to check if you can use existing numbers.

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    Hey Ryan,

    I happen to work with Voiso and have experience in setting up contact centres with Pipedrive.

    I'm a Pipedrive and Voiso partner. So I have the CRM + Contact Centre experience.

    In summary, it's unlikely that you can allow a rep to call using their work assigned cell phone. But you can call with the same phone, probably Voiso app and link to Pipedrive directly with the recordings.

    This can definitely be done.

    May I know which countries are you targeted for? Voiso is pretty strong and I can hook you up with a free trial for you to test the quality in addition to show that you can link the recording to Pipedrive