Microsoft 365/Outlook Email Add In for Pipedrive


When are Pipedrive going to launch the above? Apparently, there is one for Google Mail but not Outlook.

The vast majority of other CRM/Competitors in the market offer this. I know because we have conducted a trial of a few of them (and we are staying with Pipedrive because of the customer service is excellent!)

However, this would be a very valuable add on to the platform and would allow me and my team to work smarter and faster directly from Outlook.

Look forward to any comments, or does anybody out there feel the same way as I/we do?



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    Hi Tony,

    I've had the same problem with the lack of integration between Pipedrive & Outlook. As far as I know, Pipedrive is not willing to act on this, so I've decided to create my own Outlook plugin/Pipedrive app to do so.

    Have a look at

    The plugin is not yet published but I'm submitting it to the Pipedrive marketplace very soon!

    I hope this helps!