Do Emails sent through automations get assigned to a deal?

Some of my automations are sending emails to contacts that have deals in the pipeline. But when I check the deal, I see no history of emails sent, even though the contact has received my email. Is this a bug?



  • nicub
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    Also, if you could just move the help button a little up. It's always annoying when creating automations :)

  • Reeve Lui
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    Hi nicub, sorry to hear about the experience.

    Let me try to help out here.

    1. Do you have the email sync activated?
    2. You said you don't see the emails in the deal, how about the contact for the deal, does it reflect anything?

    In your case, we have to test out and dig deep to find the real cause.

    Not to forget it would be wise to understand ALL your automation set.