Add a contact to a filtered list manually

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Is it possible to select a series of contacts manually and add them into a filtered list?



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    Hi @dwightbailey,

    There are some steps you can take to update contacts so that the selected contacts will appear in a filter together, but it will take a bit of editing.

    It's not possible to bulk-select the contacts and have them filtered based on the contacts selected directly.

    What you can do to ensure that specific contacts appear together in a filtered list is bulk update those contacts so that only they have a field in common. You can do this by putting a unique value into a field (it could be an existing field, label, or custom field- it's up to you!)

    Here is what I did-

    I created a custom field in my account named "Person custom field"

    I then selected the contacts that I wanted to appear in a list together and I bulk updated the new custom field to read "list 1"

    Then I created a filter that isolates only contacts that have "list 1" in the person custom field

    I hope this helps!