Webinar Q&A: Using Automations and Insights to grow your business

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Hello Pipedrivers! ☀️

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in our recent webinar on "Using Automations and Insights to grow your business" held on February 20. Your active engagement and presence greatly contributed to the success of the event.

Throughout the webinar, we received an abundance of questions, and although we made every effort to address as many as possible in real-time, unfortunately, we couldn't cover them all.

As promised, we have compiled responses to the unanswered questions from the live session, and you can access them in the comments section of this post. We hope these answers bring the clarity you were seeking.

Your suggestions, comments, and critiques are highly valued, and we are dedicated to incorporating this feedback to enhance the quality and relevance of our future webinars for you.

In case you missed the live webinar, you can find the recording here. ⬇️


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    • Is it possible to model the overall customer journey / sales process using Automations, or just parts of it?
    • Yes. You can use Custom Activity types to highlight milestones within the Customer Journey. You could auto-populate this Activity based on a deal moving to a certain stage ie, Journey stage.

    • Matt are you on a cruise or is your background your home or virtual one?
    • Yes, Matt is on a cruise 🚢 A Pipedrive cruise

    • when will you allow split view on emails? Emails list + email
    • That is a great submission for a feature request!

    • can we set up an automation based on an activity vs. a change in deal? for instance, after a call, can I schedule a follow up email if the contact was not free for the call?
    • Yes, selecting the completing of an activity (when activity is updated w/ condition of activity marked as done) or when a deal makes any progressive movement

    • Not a question, just a thank you for hosting a webinar with so much important information. And it was certainly very useful :)
    • You are most welcome 😊

    • Is there a way to report / capture the value of the open pipeline over time? Example: $100,000 total value / $85,000 probable value / 25 deals as of today, and see that over time?
    • This is possible. I can suggest creating a custom value to represent your probably value to present with a report. You can select the value as a filter selection. https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/d7jssc

    • can you detach the billing of the Project management part from the CRM for those who are solely interested in the PM aspect of the app
    • In order to give a user access to Projects, they must have access to deals in their user management permissions.

    • When will the automations based on date be rolled out?
    • Please follow What’s New new release announcements about this update.

    • My company does not use leads but deals as leads instead. Can you create an automation as a deal starts if you are not using lead as a trigger?
    • That is fine. Before the automation occurs, this programmed action needs to occur. This can be the creation, updating, or deletion of a deal, person, organization, or activity in Pipedrive.
    • are we able to email deal participants via automation
    • Not currently, but we've sent this request back to the dev team!

    • How to change pipelines visibility? When you have 5 pipelines and you want to hide 2 of it, how to do it without delete.
    • With the pipeline visibility feature, you can decide which pipelines your users can see and, by extension, which data they have access to. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/pipeline-visibility

    • Can we set the trigger: Organization updated (Field: Industry) and the reaction to be Person update (custom field) - referring for all persons within that organization not one specific person?
    • Not at the present time, however, this is a great submission for a feature request!

    • can you set an automation to send an email that includes a link to the deal the automation is associated with?
    • This could be accomplished using a Zapier automation

    • It would be awesome to be able to automatically to deal Participants
    • That is a great submission for a feature request!

    • Is there a way to create a Revenue Forecast with varying monthly goals (similar to Sales Goals)?
    • That is a great submission for a feature request!

    • Is there a way to filter by multiple columns in the contacts? We have been hacked by a bot and there are a lot of leads being created where the name and organization show to be the same and we need to be able to bulk delete those from the system....
    • Yes, by creating a filter searching specifically for duplicated names and organization, and then using bulk edit to delete.

    • Hi!  I've asked a few times over the last 2 years if Dropbox files can be added.  Still hoping for a comment on this.  Thanks!
    • This is possible using a Zapier automation
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    • will there be a way to have a set of actions with multiple triggers (deal created in Stage A OR Deal moved to Stage A, etc..). some automations i will need 6 different triggers. if i need to change the base automation, i need to do it 6 times
    • At the present time, the best way to accomplish this would be to duplicate the automation. That is a great submission for a feature request!

    • Where is the best place to send emails (contacts, organization, deals) so that is visible in all
    • From the deal detail view.

    • Can automations be set with a data field condition? For example if our custom "contact type" field was not "client".
    • Yes, when applying 'Instant condition' state the first condition as "Contact type is not client" https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/qbv5c7

    • Sometimes several of our customers are bidding to the same end user for a single job. Is there a way to link those together so they show up as one deal in Insights? Otherwise it looks like we're quoting a lot more products than we are
    • Would it be helpful to highlight multiple customers bidding for the same job by adding the same product to multiple deals?

    • Is there a way to set a reminder to check on an automation?  There have been times I forgot an automation was set up and still going out....  (or do I just have to set up a periodic reminder to check on in Outlook Calendar)
    • You could include creating an activity for yourself or sending yourself an internal email in between the actions of your automation.

    • Can you create insights for Project as Companies would want to do planning, execution and monitoring for Projects
    • That is a great submission for a feature request!

    • Can I use data from other sources than Pipedrive in insights?
    • This is possible, if the data is added using API connecting to your other data source. 

    • If I want emails to go out weekly in the workflow. Do I set the delay as 1 week after each action, or I have to set the delay 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks. I'm basically asking how the delay is counted, is it counted after each action or from the start or the workflow.
    • If another delay step is added directly following a previous delay, the time will be added to the previous delay. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/workflow-automations-delay-feature
    • For example, if you add a one-day delay step followed by a one-hour delay step, you'll have a delay of one day and one hour.

    • Is there a way to flag up duplicate deals? e.g. if a deal is in one board / pipeline and then the same organisation appears as a deal on another board?
    • Unfortunately not. 

    • How does Zapier integrate to PD, are there anythings to look out for. We have a sales agent wanting to use Zapier to import leads. Any thoughts or advice?
    • Zapier is a user-friendly web service that lets you automate actions between different web apps and tools. Creating Zaps between your apps saves time, automating many of the manual tasks you complete daily.
    • Pipedrive has thousands of connections in Zapier that you can use to get your work done more easily than ever. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/zapier-what-it-is-and-how-to-use-it

    • Can you explain Labels and why they are different in Organizations compared to Deals? And why do they seem to change on us?
    • Pipedrive's deal labels feature will allow your team to add color-coded labels to each deal to help you organize your data and speed up your sales process. This will give you a better visual representation of your deals while viewing them in the pipeline, detail and list views. Using Pipedrive's contact labels, you are able to categorize your contacts as needed for your company and know immediately how to approach them based on that information.

    • In automations, what is the difference between "Deal contact person email" and "Deal contact person email before"?
    • Because our automations can change the deal contact people, it will give you the option for both as you mentioned. I always recommend selecting "Deal Contact Person" email unless you are updating the contact person with that particular automation also, then you would want to make sure you were selecting the right one.

    • I have deals that go to multiple people, so the organization is set to "Multiple GC's". In this scenario, I would like to send follow-up emails to all of the potential customers. Is there a way to accomplish this?
    • Yes

    • Will PD let you know when the 90 day automated email campaign is up?
    • No, but you could add an activity to notify you at the end of the automation as part of the automation build out.

    • Do automations expire after 90 days?
    • No, however, you can apply this setting with the "Wait if" condition

    • Is there any way to auto-assign which random on list/group and also based on balanced workload.?
    • We do have our Automatic Assignment feature that you can apply rules to help with inbound assignment, but I don't believe we have current rules based on workload, we'll send back some feedback!

    • Can you show how a webform (inbound lead). Can get an immediate email from someone from the salesteam? Round robin distribution in place.
    • Sorry we missed this, but it is an easy and popular automation for sure!

    • Is it only possible to model single activities / process steps, or are there options to model the overall sales process incl. parallel activities and triggers? Can you explain best practice how to model the overall process and later activities / triggers?
    • At this time you still have one trigger to start the automation, but can have multiple activities created, or in motion, and there is possibility to check a condition for the trigger related deal to decide if the automation would stop or continue but I think this functionality will continue to improve.
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    • in the middle of an automation can one activity go to the next activity if the previous activity is deleted since it does not apply to a specific deal.
    • Unfortunately, we can't trigger an automation off of an activity being deleted, but maybe another trigger for the next activity could be used instead of "activity marked as done"?

    • Interesting to see a lead in the Deal pipeline. Is that just the name it was given, or is it possible to view Leads in Deals?
    • Most likely a name had Lead in the title when converted to a deal! 

    • off topic: I feel like prospecting for leads is more visible in a "Prospecting PipeLine" versus utilizing the Leads Inbox.  Can you comment on the benefits of using one over the other?
    • Some teams do in fact like the Leads Pipeline idea, as Pipedrive used to not even have the Leads section, a lot stuck with their Lead Pipeline or Stages, and utilize it like you mentioned! The reason we added Leads was to help with a different way to view unqualified opportunities in a different view, because the first stages of some Lead Pipelines would get too "noisy" with a lot of customers having a large lead volume. So the ability to segment them as Leads helps, and convert. But on the other hand having the Leads Pipeline is helpful for some teams as they like certain functionality/reporting in insights that Deals/stages have. All that to say, It really depends on your use case if you have a huge volume, or a more qualified lead/longer qualification process