Link people from different organizations to a primary source - how to?

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I have a primary contact who has supplied additional contacts (potential leads). I would like to:

1) link the new contacts to the primary contact

2) be able to export this data into an Excel spreadsheet

Is this possible?



  • Reeve Lui
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    Hi There,

    I propose the addition of a custom single-option field to your contact module, naming it something like "Primary Contact" or another term that suits your business. This field should offer options such as "Yes" and "No."

    Ensure that you update all your contact records and subsequently export your contacts, organizing them by company name. This method will allow you to easily identify contacts marked as "Primary" and those that are not within each company.

    Should you need additional assistance or wish to schedule a meeting call, feel free to reach out. We're here to support you!

  • Eden
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    Thank you, I will review this option and let you know if I need further assistance.