Can I use Pipedrive to provide access to downloadable files only if the person registers?

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We want to provide access to product collateral (flyers, sales sheets, etc.) only if the person provides their contact information to us. Our product is a very technical, "high touch" device in a competitive market, so we want to be able to connect with interested customers and guide them through the information instead of making it globally public information.

I was told that Pipedrive might be able to handle this for us. I really don't want to have to create a totally separate channel for collecting names and email addresses (which could also be easily faked, even by a bot) which we then filter and back-propagate into our leads database. So it would be quite ideal to let Pipedrive host the form and create a new lead entry which we can tag accordingly to keep it all in one place, just like we do for new contact forms.

If this is possible, we would then put calls to action on the website, and let Pipedrive provide the downloadable link to their email address.


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    Hi there, this can be done indeed.

    First you can use the CTA to capture the information to Pipedrive directly. (Add in a captcha or something to prevent bots from spamming)

    Upon capture, it would pump into your leads/deal right away.

    Then you can create an automation which sends an email to these "new created leads" an email with the downloadable link to the email address that they used to register in the CTA.

    Of course we also have to look at your website's backend and whether you know how to make the CTA goes to Pipedrive directly.

    Feel free to email me if you have further questions:

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    It is better to build a simple bespoke system using a nocode platform like Glide Apps.