"Pro tip: You can now A/B test your templates" < how do this actually work?

Hi there, based on that pro tip, if I have an email template that gets sent via an automation, if I change that template and save as a new version does that mean the automation will use either version of the template and effectively A/B test that?

Or am I being way too hopeful?!

If not, are there any known tricks in automations to do a split test of templates?

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  • Sophie
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    Hi @Paul McClenaghan,

    Unfortunately, this A/B template test won't work that way exactly, only one template will be sent via the automation, although, I would be happy to forward this feedback along to the team responsible for this feature!

    The only workaround to creating a split test via automation that I am aware of would be to create two separate automations using two separate templates and compare the two.

    Thank you for the feedback!


  • Paul McClenaghan
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    Hi Sophie, thanks for confirming that, I realised it was a long shot.

    That's an interesting workaround I hadn't thought of and brings up quite a few possibilities.