Automatically Changing Deal Stage when telephone number is added to contact

Business Photographer
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i wonder if it is possible to change the deal Stage when I add the telephone number to an contact.

So far i didn't get it wo work, as i can only change a specific deal, not everyone.

In the red circle i can only choose a specific deal but i want the rule to be set to every deal.

I'm quite new to Pipedrive so there is a high probabillity that I do something wrong here.

Greetings, Lukas


  • Amit Sarda (
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    This is not possible with Pipedrive Automation.

    You can only do this using Make/Integromat.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Business Photographer , if you’re willing to go about it differently, you can also add a phone number field to the deal itself instead of the contact to make that automation work in Pipedrive. Or even changing it so that the deal is created when you add a telephone number to the contact.