How do you learn about the companies processes to make a PD?

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I am a software developer, and I have been tasked with designing and implementing a pipedrive for a third-party company.

I've already learned how to automate tasks, and I still need to learn about integrations.

But there's a topic I haven't heard about yet, and that's the process where the client company expresses their needs. I believe that to achieve an efficient pipedrive, the designer must thoroughly understand the company's processes and even perform implementation, monitoring, and maintenance work.

I imagine that the best communication tool would be to use diagrams detailing the business processes and a weekly communication.

Do you do any of this? What do you call it? Do you think it's as essential as I do?

My manager has asked me to set up a pipedrive without providing any information about the company, and I find it ridiculous. I won't be able to create a good pipedrive without knowing about the companies procceses.