Pipedrive x Zapier x Google Offline Conversions

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Hey Guys,

im stuck right now.

I want to track my leads and share the results with google ads off. conv. so i decided to use zapier as for every automation i used before. I got the GCLID already after lead entry on our website into the pipedrives lead account and also in there deal.

Every time that i move the deal from new to "qualified" to "success" it will contact google ads with the information but theres my problem, the timestamp is always wrong that i picked from pipedrive.

IDK why, do you guys can help me which variable is the right timestamp for google ?? is it "ADD Time?"


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    I don't use zapier, I use make.com, but I had to modify the add time moving it from GMT to the timezone in my Google Ads account (in my case, mountain time). In my platform, this means subtracting 7 hours from pipedrives add_time variable:

    If I attempt to send a conversion to google without doing this, it is rejected as the conversion time is in the future as far as Google is concerned.