enable instant editing w/ blinking cursor - after click on EDIT button in inline editing


I am often using inline editing of all deals in an organisation. When clicking on [see all deals] popup menu, I can edit various entries. That's nice. But after clicking on the edit button right hand side in the line item, I have to klick one more time into this field I want to edit. Until then the keyboard cursor/editing mode is inactive. I guess that is a nice to have feature since it works after clicking into this edit field popup, but the editing field "jumps" to relative coordiate (left,bottom) to the left of column, while the button is on the right hand side. For very large fields like deal title, there is a significant way to go... )

Suggest: When clicking on the edit button, I really want to edit the field. Why should it be necessary to click another time? Just have the cursor blinking on position 0 (=left) would be nice, then I can just edit the field with keyboard, press ENTER (which is also not possible) and fine it would be. What do you think?

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