Draft Email Saving is slowing me down

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Has anyone else noticed that when you use an email template to send an email, the automatic draft save feature blocks your ability to actually send the email for several seconds, and if you are not careful, you can navigate away before it has even registered that you wanted to send the email?

This is slowing me down during my day-to-day and even causing some emails that I thought I sent to just sit in drafts. This is something that has started in the past month or so, and it feels counter-intuitive to the speed that a custom email template was designed to facilitate.


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @G.Thomas 👋
    I don't think that's expected behavior, but it could be related to the amount of information that the template needs to add (mainly, information coming from the merge tag option). I'm not able to reproduce this on my side here, it seems to load up quickly for me and I'm able to send it without a delay from the draft save feature.

    If you can record your screen showing this behavior, I think that would be ideal, and with that, please reach out to our Support team so they can investigate this further for you. Thanks!