How to send an email every time a deal gets created?

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We use deals as leads, so everytime someone fills out a form on our website, it automatically creates a deal and assigns it to someone. How can I give this person an email each time this happens so they are notified?

I had an automation setup so that every time a deal is created, it sends an email from my email to the deal owner, but my email always sent, but they never got it?


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    Hi @nv,

    Hm, it's interesting that your emails were never received. 🤔 I created an example automation here that should help with what you are looking for-

    When a deal is created, send an email to the deal owner! If you created a setup like this and the emails still aren't delivering, I would recommend reaching out to our support team so we can investigate this further with you!

    Additionally, you can also ask your other users to set up sales assistant notifications so they receive a notification in their account when they have a new deal assigned to them!

    I hope this helps!