Duration-related automations should be able to exceed 90 days

I think you should be able to set it to move than 90 days. I have clients that book every 12 months. I want to send a reminder more than 90 days past their last purchase.

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  • Tomas-Davame
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    You can use either Make.com or a workaround in Pipedrive. You set the delay for 90 days and after these 90 days, you change a custom field to the value "90".

    Then you create a new automation that will be triggered once a custom field is equal "90". Then you set the dealy for 90 days and after these 90 days you change the value to 180.

    You create a new automation....

    and after 4 automations, you are at 360, if you need exactly 365 days, you need to set the 5th automation. And then it can trigger an event (create an activity or whatever).