Automations need an additional "Find" action πŸ™‚

For criteria in automations you can use everything from the previous steps

With an update deal, you initially only have the deal data, but if you have also edited the organization in an intermediate step, you can also use the org data in the criteria.Β 

The only problem is that you really have to edit the organization. Calling up the org without changing fields is not possible. (Currently I always change the name of the org to the name of the org stored in the deal, which is a really pointless step).Β 

Hence my request:

Add a selection where the Org, Person & Co can be easily loaded without forcing changes.Β Add a search step. ο»ΏπŸ™‚

This way you can then build automations much easier without having to create extra filters that only exist because you want to query one field.Β 

The image comes from Zapier, where there is a separate search step. So why isn't this also available directly in Pipedrive? πŸ˜‰

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