firefox over chrome - I want do decide

Sascha Briest
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Hi development+support team, hi Dominic Allon,

In the last few weeks, I've been having problems with the organization popup [See all deals], which slows down Firefox at the end and I have to cancel and reload the page (popup). When I asked the official Pipedrive support team, they advised me to use Chrome or Edge instead.

"Sascha could you please check if that issue happens on Chrome or Edge? It happens that Pipedrive is only optimized to work perfectly on these browsers, as this article explain - Which browser is best for Pipedrive?"

Sorry, even though Chrome now has a market share of over 60% globally, I want to work on an open source platform where I can be sure that the developers have an interest in privacy. I'm not a browser expert, but Mozilla products have been around since at least 1998 (Netscape Navigator) when Microsoft and Google were still drinking mother's milk.

I would be pleased if you would continue to support at least one independent browser at the same level of quality - even with limited QA budgets.

Many thanks for your feedback on this. Looking forward to feedback from all PipeDrivers as well.

Happy selling + nice weekend!


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Sascha Briest , thank you for the feedback!

    It is true that for the best Pipedrive experience, we generally recommend Google Chrome or Edge. Google Chrome is the browser with the top market share, and since it shares the same browser engine as the newer Microsoft Edge, the experience will be nearly identical.

    This is not to say that the user experience is disregarded on other popular browsers, such as Safari or Firefox, and our developers work to make sure Pipedrive works as expected on them. However there may be variations in performance on these browsers. Nevertheless, I have passed on your feedback to the team regarding the organization popup for Firefox users for further testing.

  • Aurélie Laval
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    Hi @Manuel Oliveira,

    Like @Sascha Briest , I would like to have the choice of my browser using and, like him, I do not have confidence on Google for my privacy data…

    Other CRM solutions work on Mozilla, why not Pipedrive ?!! Are your developers not has good…

    We will see in the future.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Aurélie Laval , Pipedrive does work as designed in most top browsers such as Firefox. What I mean is that there may be differences in how some elements perform such as loading speeds for example, and these are often unnoticeable. Also, please make sure your browser is always up to date.