Shared Email Inbox - like info@ or sales@ - don't forget to upvote if you need it too!

This is an older feature request, but I recently discovered that it has been abandoned once again. However, it is urgently needed by nearly all Pipedrive users. Therefore, I have created a new thread, and I hope that it will receive frequent upvotes.

Almost every company uses an info@, sales@, or maybe support@ address as a shared inbox. Thanks to the new "sync multiple email accounts" feature, you can easily sync these emails in Pipedrive. If multiple people are working on these emails, they can sync them to their own accounts. However, they are unable to see emails that others have worked with or archived. The new labeling function would also be useful, but if User A adds a label, User B does not have it synced to their account. Therefore, the multiple email sync functionality is currently ineffective for this purpose.

It would be great if Pipedrive goes all the way after doing the first step with the multiple email synch-feature.

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    Hi @Bernd Auer ; thank you for the feedback and for shining a light on this request. I appreciate that this ask has been popular for some time now.

    We’re working on aggregating similar feedback for our product team’s visibility, so every use case that other members can share regarding the need for a shared inbox will help push this feature forward on the roadmap.