Adding ability to make organisations and people historic without deleting them

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Hello! We have noticed that there is currently no function to make an organisation or people contact historic. You either delete them from Pipedrive or have to leave them as a contact. If we delete them from Pipedrive, we lose their associated data, emails, history etc. The same as if a business is no longer trading therefore will no longer be active with us; if we delete this organisation from Pipedrive we lose all the data associated to them. If we leave them in Pipedrive, they still appear when we create mailing campaigns which is a pain. It would be great if Pipedrive could add a function where the user can make an organisation or person historic which then removes them from sight but still keeps them and all associated data on Pipedrive in the background so it is there for reference when needed.


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    Hi @BMF , while there is no default way of marking historic people the way you describe, you can go about it differently. Such as by using labels or a custom field to mark a contact person as historic. And from there, apply filters to leave those contact people out.