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Dear Pipedrive Team,

I'm writing to suggest a valuable improvement to your automation features: the ability for users to send personalized welcome emails to new Pipedrive users.

Currently, Pipedrive automations lack the flexibility to trigger emails based on user creation. This limits the ability to automate a crucial part of the onboarding process – introducing new users to the platform and its functionalities.

I propose introducing a new automation trigger specifically for user creation. This would allow users to design and send welcome email sequences with features like:

  • Dynamic Content: Include user names and personalize the message for a warmer welcome.
  • Links to Resources: Integrate links to tutorials, knowledge base articles, or helpful video resources.
  • Call to Action: Encourage new users to take specific actions like setting up their profile or completing essential tasks.

Overall, the ability to send personalized welcome emails would enhance the user onboarding experience and empower us to streamline user engagement with Pipedrive.

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    This is typically the responsibility of the Pipedrive account owner/admin.

    I have always created onboarding decks and tutorials for new users to go through before they start using Pipedrive. Works really well.