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Dhruv Patel
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I wanted to know from others what is the best title for the Lead? Pipedrive by default use organization name in the title. How others are handling the title?


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  • Reeve Lui
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    Happy to add in here.

    I would recommend using the contact's name as a Lead, followed by the organisation name.

    So it goes: Contact Person's First Name | Company Name
    An example would be: John | Microsoft Inc.

    As the Lead can be converted to a Deal later,
    I think a good practice would be to put: Contact Person's First Name | Company Name | Product / Service
    Then the Deal example would be: John | Microsoft Inc. | Leadership Training


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hi @Dhruv Patel,

    I thought I could start the ball rolling here. Even though Pipedrive by default assigns the linked person name or organisation name as Lead title, depending on the workflow, you can use the name of the Product or Service you are selling with the Lead, the name of the lead contact person, any relevant dates, and you can use this in combination so the title gives you a good overview about the lead.

  • True Legacy
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    How do we change the lead title from the company name to the contact person name?