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I understand that Pipedrive currently does not allow for an email template to be built with a cc email. For instance our order confirmation email template not only needs to go to the customer but also to our orders team --- currently our sales team has to remember to type our orders team email in as they send the email.

Until there is enough feedback to Pipedrive that this many want to see this as an option it will not become a priority.

However I do need a solution - I am wondering if anyone has created an automation that once a specific email is sent that it will automatically send that same email to another email address as well as the attached doc? Or some other solution.


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    Hi @doodlegirl,

    I would be happy to forward this feedback along internally! Unfortunately, because Pipedrive does not have email-based automation triggers, it would not be possible to have the email forwarded automatically from inside of Pipedrive. Perhaps this is something that can be accomplished by using Zapier and your email provider! 🤔

    I'm not sure of your email provider but I do know Gmail has the option to have emails with a specific subject line automatically forwarded, I found this suggestion here if you're using Gmail- "Go to Settings, click on "See all settings," and finally choose the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" option. You can create a new filter and specify your desired subject criteria from there. Once you've done that, choose "Forward it to" and enter the email address where you want the emails sent."

    I hope this helps!