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At the moment everything has to be split into Lead data or Deal data, but one of our most import reports is analysing Deal data from a specific 'Lead Provider' which is only in Lead data and not Deal data. Currently I just have to export sperate excel files and merge them in Power BI but wanting to be able to do this in Pipedrive.


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    Hello @AlexABaker,

    With "Lead" and "Deal" entities in Pipedrive, most fields are shared between them; that is, if a field is available in Leads when the Lead is converted to Deal, the values will be carried over. But Lead Source is one of the few fields that are currently not supported within Deals, and our team is exploring the possibilities to address this.

    But from your post, it seems like you are reffering to Leads to "People" in Pipedrive, and if you are storing a value within the People section, it does not necessarily get carried on to the Deal when you create a deal from the People/Contact section. So, ideally, you can create a custom field within Deals to store the source information and copy the information from Contact/People to Deal when the deal is created.

    If the custom fields to store the Source information are text-based, you can also use automation to copy the value from Person to Deal.

    Trigger: Deal Created

    Condition: Deal Contact Person is not empty

    Action 1: Update Person (This update can be a pseudo update so the Person entity will be part of the automation)

    Action 2: Update Deal: You can select to update the Souce Custom field with the information from the Person field