Feature request: Bulk editing lead labels: Append option

Brent Kobayashi
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Hello there,

As lead labels (and soon Contact labels) can handle multiple labels, it would be VERY helpful to be able to be able to ADD or SUBTRACT from existing labels (without having to replace all).

For example:

- I have 50 leads. Some have a variety of different existing labels

- I'd like to quickly add a label to 25 of them.

- This will wipe out the existing labels (I cannot choose "add", you have to replace all labels).

Less often, but I think useful, would be to remove a value (if it exists) in bulk.


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @Brent Kobayashi,

    This is great feedback for our product team. Kindly share this in the Ideas and Product Feedback channel to bring more attention to the topic.

    In the meantime, we can have two possible workarounds with features like Automation and Imports.

    If you have access to automation, you can create an automation that is triggered whenever the label of the Lead or Deal is updated and have the automation update deal with the new Label and the "Label before", and the setup would look something like this if it is for leads:

    With this workaround, if you actually want to replace a label (instead of adding), you would first have to clear all existing labels and then apply the new one that should replace the existing one. This also works for contact, when we have the multiple label support added.

    If you are trying to update a larger volume of Deals/Contacts, automations could run into a frequency limit. For larger batches of bulk edits (ideally larger than 25 entities with bulk edits), you can also explore the option to export and import. This works for Deals and contacts but not for leads.

    You can export all deals or contacts for which you wish to add the labels; this export file should contain the entity ID and the existing label. In the exported file, you can add the label options and import it back to Pipedrive so it will preserve the existing labels and add the new label. Having the entity ID would also ensure that data is not duplicated. I hope this helps.

  • Brent Kobayashi
    Brent Kobayashi Member Posts: 9
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    Thank you for the detailed work around @Tony Xavier !

    I'll add to the Ideas & Feature Requests area

  • Rogier van Wagtendonk
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    @Brent Kobayashi have you added this to the ideas area already? Cannot find it and have the same issue.

    @Tony this workaround is not really a workaround. I just need the automation to not touch the already assigned labels.. I do not always know wich labels are there or which are not. Combined with the lack of an if else I have a problem here.