A new entity? Brand?

Hans Nieto
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I have been a Pipedrive user for more than 10 years, and I have always asked myself the following:

Considering that there are many companies (I would say the majority) that manage brands (either their own or as a representative...e.g. Nestlé) or entire categories (e.g. department stores)

And there are more and more people and entire departments in charge of managing them... it is quite common for a brand to have an entire team behind it (product owners, product managers, etc.) whether they manage one or more brands... it would not be a Good functionality to have the “brand entity” that can be linked to companies and contacts and vice versa?

On the other hand, a brand generally has its own "life", its own eCommerce, its own operation in Marketplaces, its own physical stores... and I could go on. When it is a separate company there would be no major problem but in most cases I think that is not the case.

I hope this suggestion reaches the right ears because I know that it is not a minor suggestion or functionality and its viability probably needs to be evaluated in terms of architecture...it seems to me that it would be a very significant improvement.

Regards, Hans.


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Hans Nieto ; thank you for sharing your case! From your description, I understand it is a somewhat specific case scenario. Adding a new entity for the brand is not in the plans, but could this be done with custom fields instead? Such as having one or more fields in the contact person or organization where their brands are registered.