Link/Unlink emails to deals (from a deal)

Bruce Bignell
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The option to update/unlink "LINK TO A DEAL OR LEAD" within the lead/deal/project module, not just in the Sales Inbox.

This is an issue for businesses that have multiple deals open against single individuals or organisations at a time, causing the wrong emails to be linked to deals.

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  • Matěj Kříž
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    + the same from the PERSON view.

    In the PERSON detail view you see email history, you can do lot of things with email message BUT NOT to LINK IT to a DEAL, LEAD OR PROJECT please add the button "LINK TO A DEAL, LEAD OR PROJECT".

  • Jonas Rajanto
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    +1. I would even just appreciate a link (in the same context menu in Matej's screenshot) to the email conversation in the Sales Inbox.