Dashboard for Closable Business

Wim AiVidens
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I would like to create a Dasboard to follow up on Closable Business and set also monthly targets to create this closable business (or in other words converts your pipeline into higher sales stages).

Closable business is business that comes into a Stage 5 (Negotiation phase) of the Sales Journey.

I can create this view in Pipedrive so this works - however it shows the closable deals on the date entered (in our case for instance now in March) but I would like to see it based on the Close Date.

In the Dashboard it means that the X-axis (=date entered) has to be changed into Close date.

This is important since it allows us to follow up if we have enough CLOSABLE business in our pipe to reach our Targets. You can have a massive pipe in lower stages but this won't help you reaching your targets. This pipe has to become 'sellable = closable' otherwise it becomes dormant.

That's why we want to use this dashboard and monitor per month the closable business.

Would this be possible ?

Many thanks



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