Can i set up a automatic monthly email pipeline?

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I would like to send monthly emails to existing customers (newsletter type of the product they have), my knowledge of the platform cannot quite get over the last hurdle. The best way i have thought of so far is to create a pipeline with each stage being a month (Jan,Feb,march) so on.

Then automating a Jan email to be sent once a deal/existing customer is in the Jan stage.

Is there a way to have that deal/existing customer move from Jan to Feb when it is February, or delay it to be sent when it hits february? for e.g for the 1st of each month the platform will send the specific stage/month email. Just so each deal doesnt have to be moved manually.

It all becomes a bit much and complicated for me, i can't quite find any solutions out there. But may not be clued up enough to understand there is.

If there are any better ways to do this please let me know, thank you for any help or suggestions 😊



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    Hi Zach, @Z.Richardson97

    I think you are heading in the correct direction for sure.

    You can definitely create a trigger based on the Deals / existing customer who are in specific stages of the Pipeline.
    Jan / Feb / March etc.
    And when they are moved into that particular stage, send them a specific campaign catered to their month accordingly or products they have purchased. (Filtered Deals / People)

    So the only setback is Pipedrive might not have the automation to help you move a Deal automatically based on time.
    So we are in April now, Pipedrive's automation does not allow you to create a rule to move Deals automatically when it hits May. Have to explore deeper in Pipedrive's automation to find out if the automation can be created based on time (month change)

    Something that I can think of is Zapier. In fact, I uses Zapier myself and it is the go-to for advanced automation together with Pipedrive.

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    Hey Zach, actually it might be possible to do it.

    I just found this on Pipedrive Automation:

    You might want to test it out and put this as a Delay before the next step for an automation workflow.