Reorganize permanent fields in Summary Sidebar section

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I would like to be able to either remove the permanent fields from showing in the summary sidebar section or move them to a different sidebar section. For example, my company does not use the deal probability feature, so I would like to remove this from the summary section so as not to confuse my team. Additionally, I have created a group for all of the dates that I am tracking in Pipedrive and would like to move the Expected Close Date to another group. I would also like to remove the summary sidebar section at the top entirely to allow another group to be seen at the top of the page first. Making it possible to reorganize the permanent fields in the summary sidebar section will allow my team to view the data in a cleaner, less confusing way and will allow our team to organize the data in the details view in a way that makes more sense to us. It is odd that we have the ability to hide and reorganize all other sections in the sidebar expect for the summary section.

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    Would love that too! The left pane is too narrow, and too long, due to all the mandatory fields in there.