Improve working with payments

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To be better in predict income forecasting, we use payments feature within deal.

But, when I want to see prediction, it is not so comfort. We need to go to reports, we can see report of payments, but when I open deals, there is not "payment" value, but only total amount of deal.
Next big thing, that will make working with payments better will be some filter, where can I filter deals, which payments sum is less than total deal value.

Please make this things working. Payments are great, but the usage is not so comfort.


  • Sophie
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    Hi @leatherman,

    Thanks so much for this feedback, I would be happy to pass this along internally! Additionally, you can share this feedback in the Ideas and Product Feedback section of the Community for other users to upvote your suggestion!

    As a workaround in the meantime, you could create a custom field in your account to store your payment data and create a report using and filtering for that field instead!