Readiness to Buy (1-10) - AI

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I have recently tried out the new AI chat summary function, this is really impressive and I can see some really strong use cases for this outside of the email summary itself.

Specifically, the "Readiness to Buy" score. This score seems to be really accurate and I could see this being a useful tool for businesses with a busy pipeline, making it easy to filter down hot deals and efficiently focus energy on those deals more likely to be closed.

I would propose that this feature is developed further allowing you to label deals by a "live" readiness to buy score taken from ongoing email communications within the deal.

Would anyone else benefit from this information presented as an option on the deal cards for a quick glance metric?


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks @Scott-Create8 for sharing your feedback, this is really great to hear and really encouraging. I'll discuss this further within our team but it sounds like a great experiment that we can hopefully make a reality over time!