How this sequence can be done with automations?. I tried but it appears not to be working

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How can I apply this sequence with emails? (photo attached)


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    Hi @JPPM,

    As we don't have split conditions in Pipedrive, this would require two separate automations. Additionally, the default email field in Pipedrive is linked directly to the contact person but I see here your goal is to move deals to the next stage. What would you like the trigger to be for this automation? Would you want it to trigger when a new deal is added and linked to an existing person? We would need to have both deal and person actions in the automation in order to check the email field and also move the associated deal.

    I created two example automations below, they will trigger when a new deal is added to your Pipedrive account and has an existing contact person linked (with an email address). I hope this helps!

    Automation 1 (Is there an email address→yes)

    Automation 2 (Is there an email address→No)