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I add new leads/deals on a monthly basis. In some cases, I'm already working leads/deals for these companies, and it would be redundant (and horribly clumsy) to start a similar outreach process for the same prospect while another is in progress.

From a sales perspective, the message would be change, too: It's one thing if you've got one problem of this type, but if you've got two, then maybe there are different issues.

If there were a way to filter the company view by number of leads/deals, I could see how that's changed and adjust accordingly.


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    Hi @JayInNH,

    From the organization list view, you can pull up fields for the number of linked deals with that organization, like this-

    Unfortunately, it doesn't offer the same fields for leads so this would be a bit of a limitation. However, you could create a custom field in your account for "Leads linked to organizations" and update that field when there is a lead linked to the organization (for filtering). Otherwise, you can open the organization to see the leads associated with it-

    You can also create a filter that will isolate organizations that have a certain number of deals, for example, if you wanted to see organizations that don't have any deals associated with them, you could create a filter like this -

    I hope this helps!